Things of late

A little bit of everything

1) Music lately. I love Donald Glover/Childish Gambino.  His music is intelligent and his stage presence…well I’ve had a little crush since I first saw him on stage at NYU’s the reality show. At least I’m pretty sure that’s where I first spotted him.  If only Youtube was active in 2004 than it wouldn’t be a question.  It could have been hammerkatz related…

Anyhow, love Childish and I look forward to the release of his new album (Dec 10th) and FX tv show. And enjoyed this interview with him.

2) I’ve been baking, I’ve been baking…cookies to go with the many ice creams I made last week.

3. I’ve embraced pumpkin season and had a pumpkin beer and just a bought a few new ones to try out, I’m excited!

4. Workouts for the week:

Sunday-lots of walking like 6 mi

Monday-60 min cardio

Tuesday-zumba and lower body




Saturday-hitt and strength

At home zumba and lower body workout

Upon request for more workouts, here you go. Eventually I’ll get around to making a tab with all of my workouts…eventually.


For a little plyometrics

15 jumping jacks

15 high knees

15 butt kicks

15 jack squats

15 weighted squats

15 weighted side lunges

Back to zumba-you’ll probably have to do this one twice the first time to get the dance down, but remember everything repeats in zumba.

edit to note this was the wrong song, it was replaced!

15 jumping jacks

15 high knees

15 butt kicks

15 jack squats

15 weighted sumo squats

15 weighted front lunges

15 jumping jacks

15 high knees

15 butt kicks

15 jack squats

20 dumbbell (or kettlebell) swing

15 weighted back lunges

15 jack squats

15 butt kicks

15 high knees

15 jumping jack

You made it! Time for a cool down.

This took me under an hour, although I should go through again as I’ve been whipping up various ice cream recipes this week.



Recent Happenings


On Friday Ryan surprised me with a great dinner and s’mores at a Brooklyn bar as a pre-anniversary date (we marry next September 5th).

We also started working on a puzzle…

It’s quite the undertaking!!
And as another end of the summer tradition we headed to Lincoln Center to watch the opera on HD.

On the food side we’ve had clams and pasta with roasted mushrooms and fennel.

And a moroccan inspired dinner party.

Watermelon and Beet Salad
Moroccan Chicken Stew
Vegetable Tajine
Roasted Peaches with Homemade Plum Ice Cream



2014 US Open

Attending the US Open at the end of each summer is always bittersweet. I love spending the time with family and friends but I hate seeing the days grow shorter and the imminent approach of winter. 

But we still have fall, sweater weather, and changing leaves-all of which I love. And as always I have several fun fall activities in the mix including wedding dress shopping! But until then I enjoyed the warm weather and sun!

This doubles match with the australian teenage, nick kyrgios-the guy who beat Nadal at Wimbledon was fun to watch.  They also looked like they were having fun out there, which makes the US Open so much fun (compared to the uptight environment of Wimbledon).

Sunset with the Byran brothers who just won the 2014 US Open, their 100th title!



Turn Down for What?

1.  I realized that Turn Down for What was a Lil John song via a zumba :(

2. Ryan had to tell me what Turn Down for What meant…umm, I’m getting old? Thanks to Rap Genius for further clarification.

3. Saturday I embraced the song and went wine tasting at Del Posto (5 tastings for $5, can’t beat that!!!).  Then we came home and our local fine goods store had a beer tasting where we were able to try a few differ brews from Grimm.  I loved just about everyone we tasted but I’m still feeling summery so I bought a bottle of the Biere de Miel made with honey from Virginia. While at the shop we also came across a pumpkin cider.  I’ve never seen a pumpkin cider so we bought a few to try later this fall.

That’s it for now, back to work related writing, catch you on the other side of this weekend.



What’s cooking?

Some days all I want is a bowl of cereal for dinner but with a little more time and energy I’ve come up with some nice dinners over the last few weeks.

Most recently, biscuits and gravy made with turkey sausage and green peppers to pump up the nutritional content. 

I’m amazed how creamy the gravy was, I was kinda sad when I took my last bite, I need to make this again soon!

Next up and in order to use the large amount of plums in the refrigerator I made the best plum cake using this recipe, but I opted for coconut sugar and orange juice instead of lemon.  Ryan said it was the best cake ever!

Before adding crumble topping (also added oatmeal for the topping)…oh and I used some natural light for the photo, hence the trees in the background:

After added topping:

And out of the oven!

There has also been mussels cooked with beer, onions, lots of garlic, and beet greens, eaten with a pretzel baguette:

Not the best picture, but an amazing mac’n’cheese with lots of vegetables and the non-traditional pasta.

I think that’s it for now, catch you later!




Weekend Happenings

Hey all,

I’m ready for a do nothing vacation because I’m not ready to think about deadlines and work quite yet.  That said I did have a great weekend mixed with activity and lots of relaxing.

Friday night Ryan and I had a date night.  We started at Blue Smoke for dinner followed by a 10:20 showing of The Giver-not quite sure how I made it to the end of the movie without passing out. I do think my eyes closed from time to time. Not because the movie wasn’t great, but because I was exhausted! I worked late several days this week and while we had dinner together each night I felt like I was zoning out more than anything so it was nice to decompress and catch up on the week over dinner.

The movie was again, excellent.  They changed a few things from the original story to perhaps make the movie flow better in the time constraint, but overall a great film.  Ryan, who has yet to read the book, also fully enjoyed the story-a much better dystopia film than The Divergent. 

On Saturday after lots of rest, I ran up to lab and then met up with my friend Devin and his new wife.  I went to their wedding reception last weekend but it was great to chat a bit more before they head back abroad.

This afternoon involved lots of cooking, a little cleaning, and a failed attempt to buy new sneakers :(. I’ll share some of the meals later in the week.





Summer Happenings

Hey all-

Lots of work this summer but also some fun. Most recently a day trip out to Long Island with friends Crissy, Ena, and Ena’s incredibly cute daughter.  After a trip to Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods we visited Harmony and Whisper Vineyards.  Harmony only carried Chardonnay and a Red Blend, of which I only enjoyed the 2010 red. Whisper had a nicer range of wines including Chardonnay, Riesling (grapes grown in the Finger Lakes), Sauvignon Blanc, an orange Rose (also not my favorite), a red blend, and a Merlot.

We had a great spread for our picnic.

I also had the opportunity to check out the rooftop exhibit at the Met this summer.  Although I unfortunately missed the latest fashion exhibition.

Last but not least Ryan and I went to a local restaurant, the Spur Tree which features Jamaican inspired dishes.

I had the jerked chicken tacos, Ryan the curried goat.  Both were great and reasonably priced.



The Kooks at Terminal 5

Last week Ryan and I went to the Kooks concert with Clara Nova as an opener.

I was not at all a fan of Clara Nova which was a major bummer because I discovered The Morning Benders.  But I was neither a fan of the sound or the image of Clara Nova. And the awkward moment in the set while we had to wait for the guitar to be restrung, she couldn’t even entertain the crowd…seriously a painful set!

But then it was time for the Kooks who I have not seen since 2007.  They put on a great show that seemed to go on forever!!  They quickened the tempo of several songs which potentially allowed them to fit in more music.  They also provided one of the best mix of new and old music, covering all 4 albums!!  Picture credit goes to Time in Moments.

Luke is such a cute dancer, I could watch him every night!!




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