What I’m Loving week of April 13

Shrimp Primavera Pizza-yay for non tomato pizza recipes!

These quick and easy oreo dessert bars-quick and easy are my name right now.  I used to always make the time to make dessert, but it hasn’t happened lately, and when I volunteer to bake I end up having to buy something :(.  Hoping to find a bit more time this spring.

I want to have a brunch party. I’ve been seeing so many great and beautiful ideas, including this DIY bellani bar.

These birthday cake M & M’s are the best, way better than the pumpkin from the fall.

Finally, loving this combination of yogurt and ricotta cheese which makes for the best snack.  Buffalo yogurt is also pretty delicious on its own, much creamier than cow’s milk yogurt.

Have a great week,


Forced rest

Hey guys,

Well, I had a few minutes to pop in on the blog today because I was hit by a car yesterday.  As a result I’m laying on the couch today, and alternating between ice and heat on my back and legs.  I spent a few hours in the ER yesterday but am otherwise okay minus being achy from head to toe.  I’m very thankful that my injuries were not worse, and very annoyed at drivers who cannot slow down and make note of people in the cross-walk.  My friend was hit a couple of weeks ago, crazy!!

Anyhow, still working on a paper but wanted to upload some pictures from my phone that gives a highlight of my recent “adventures” and eats.

I stopped at Dunkin’ twice this week as a pick me up/get me going, and to try their ice cream flavored coffee. The cookie dough was okay, I much prefered the butter pecan.

While sipping on this coffee I explored the new to me gourmet grocery section at Bed Bath and Beyond.  They have so much of everything. Like every soda flavor,

and so many water bottles,

and chips, I want to try these at some point.

I also enjoyed some 16 handles frozen yogurt on Saturday on my way to work.  One of the few ways I was able to enjoy the warm weekend since I’m inside resting today.

This bordeaux tasting was a couple of weeks ago.  They were all pretty good, we bought a $16 bottle on sale for $14 that we shared with friends the following night.

And last but not least, I made some yummy treats last week with cinnamon chex mix, almonds, and pumpkin M and M’s (leftover from the fall).

Catch you later,


A little bit of this, a little bit of that

First, I went to the Grouplove concert last night.  They were awesome and just as I remember from Firefly 2012.  After rocking out all night long,  I can’t believe I had a voice in the morning.

Before Grouplove there were two openers.  Alex Winston was up first,

followed by MS MR.  Loved her dancing, so fun.

But seriously, can’t express how much fun I had last night. Including Grouplove’s cover of “Drunk in Love.”

Question, who has the better cover?

Okay, perhaps not that hard, Grouplove was pretty sweet.

Well, that was a huge photo dump, so moving on to weekly workouts.

This week

Sunday-worked all day, so just lots of running around the lab

Monday-Rest was so tired that night

Tuesday-40 min cardio and back/chest

Wednesday-30 minute cardio (including a 1.5 mile run, haven’t run in forever) and arms

Thursday-50 minute cardio, including a short run, 2 days this week-yay!

Friday-Circuit training, legs, cardio

Saturday-Circuit training

And last but not least because this post is getting long, Mei’s scary face!

haha, it was the peel off from a facial.  I first used a similar mask during a girls night 2 Friday’s ago and loved how smooth and blackhead free my face appeared, so I tried it out again this week.  I am going home this weekend and will hopefully make a trip to Target in order to pick up a few more.  Also need to get peanut butter and something else but I can’t remember right now, hopefully it comes to me before I go shopping.

Clean face after mask removal.

Have a great weekend!  Will be back sooner than later but as I said I’m going home this weekend, have two papers to review for submission, and hopefully a letter of intent for a grant…yeah, lots of work, but talk soon.


What I’m loving this week

New music from Paolo Nutini

These cookies, how provocative ;).

And I’m drooling over these buns.

Excited for Divergent coming out this weekend and just saw the Giver will be out in the summer…gonna reread that one before it comes out.

And today is Macaron Day in NYC.  Not sure I’m gonna make it to get my free macaron, moving slow this morning and I just saw my 1st class for today was moved up which means less time to get my work done in lab-yay :(.

Enjoy the rest of your week, I can’t wait until Saturday…so I can sleep in, I’m so exhausted.



Winter CSA

Ryan and I have been members of a spring/summer CSA for several years, but this year has been our first experience with the winter share.  The food has been plentiful, but as would come to no surprise it’s lots of root vegetables.  For the first couple of weeks we roasted just about everything and made them into soups.  But come March it’s time for something new.  So far I’ve made a vegetable spread and a braised turnip and sage pasta.

The winter share comes every 3-4 weeks compared to every week for the summer share.  But we are given lots of goodies.  I picked up our most recent share last Tuesday.  The share included 1.5 pounds of potatoes, 1 pound of onions, 2 cloves of garlic…

We have no problem using the potatoes, but some of the onions end up going unused and bad (hence the one with the green sprout that I threw out after this picture).

4 pounds of carrots!, 2 pounds of red radishes, 2 pounds of black radishes, and 2 pounds of turnips. We also had a pick of canned vegetables-this time I grabbed the pickles, in the past we took green beans and okra.

We also get a meat and sometimes cheese and yogurt.  This week it was only a meat-2 pounds ground beef.

We also received eggs.

So like I said I made a radish spread with cream cheese, red onion, carrots, zucchini, and a red radish.

I let the cream cheese come to room temperature and then mixed in all of the vegetables along with ground pepper, garlic powder, and a little olive oil.  I plan to use on bagels or as a spread for lunch sandwiches.

Next up I made a braised turnip and sage pasta-a recipe I saw in the New York Times.

Was delicious and so pretty when paired with black ink pasta.

Do you have any suggestions on unique ways to use root vegetables?


Workouts for the week and some music

Hey ya,

I kept it light last week since I was fighting a cold all week.

Sunday- Rest

Monday- “Friday workout”

Tuesday-”Friday workout 2″

Wednesday- Rest


Friday-back/chest workout and some plyometrics

Saturday-lots of walking probably around 7 miles

This week I plan to get back to my normal routine, but also have lots going on with school and work so we’ll see if I can stick to the plan.

Sunday-upper body and 2 mile walk

Monday- legs and cardio

Tuesday-shoulders and back, cardio

Wednesday-Spin and abs

Thursday-pilates and walk



Otherwise I’m loving these songs:

Friday workout 2

Loved last week’s post so I made another.  This one took me about 50 minutes.  Again I added links to many of the moves, if you’re not familiar with a move use the link or google it!  Not all moves are suitable for everybody, modify when necessary, however, push to your limit.  Revisit the routine next week and try to beat your previous time, do an extra set, or go heavier!!

Warm up:

This weeks focus is on legs

10 burpees (they are a great workout and lets start with them to get them over with!!)

20 weighted squats

10 knee tuck jumps

20 weighted front lung (10 consecutive on each leg)

20 weighted back lung (10 consecutive on each leg)

10 burpees (they are a great workout and lets start with them to get them over with!!)

20 weighted squats

10 knee tuck jumps

20 weighted front lung (10 consecutive on each leg)

20 weighted back lung (10 consecutive on each leg)

50 mountain climbers

20 sumo squats with dumbells

30 cross back lunge with knee lift  (alternate legs/weight optional)

50 squat jacks

Don’t give up, you’re more than half way there!! You started this program lets see it through, you’ll feel so great when you’re done :).

50 mountain climbers

20 sumo squats with dumbells

30 cross back lunge with knee lift  (alternate legs/weight optional)

50 squat jacks

Cool down.

You’re done!!

What I’m Loving this week

1. This post about top 100 trips to take-

From the list I’ve Walked along the walls of Dubrovnik with my Mom Mom in 2010

Cruised in a car in Havana…will be doing so along the Strip of Las Vegas this summer and will also hopefully get to see the Grand Canyon while I’m out that way.

Will also hopefully checkout the observation deck of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and ride the dunes in a dessert outing in Abu Dhabi when I visit my Aunt in Uncle this fall. Followed by a safari in Botswana and a tour of wine making region in South Africa-I’m already exhausted thinking about this trip, but excited and very fortunate to be given the opportunity.

I’ve gotten a birds eye view of Machu Picchu.

I’ve posed with Christ the Redeemer in Rio-though not the best of photos, I was rushing that morning and am wearing Ryan’s broken glasses because we were looking right into the sun.

Some of the other destinations on this list are giving me some alternate honeymoon destinations ideas for 2015.

2. This article about  Philadelphia, it’s spot on.

3. This hummus spread from Trader Joes, makes for delicious turkey sandwiches.

4. These fiber one gummies.  Fixes my sweet tooth and has staying power…not only if it also had some protein it would be the most perfect snack.

Catch you later!


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