What I’m loving the week of 7/19/14

Spending time with friends and so much of it this week!  Poconos with Amanda, riverside drink with Dana, and breakfast with Ena:

Dinner in the Poconos:

Cherry crisp, recipe found here:

Sips of Amanda and Kevin’s wine:

Over the top limos:

A picnic in the park while enjoying a performance by the philharmonic:

As for workouts I’ve been mixing outdoor activities with gym cardio and online workouts.  New online favorite Jessica Smith.

Hope you are also enjoying your summer!

What I’m Loving this Week


Hope you had a great holiday weekend.  Here’s a look at my weekend and the other things I’m loving lately :).


Macy’s 2014 fireworks included the use of the Brooklyn Bridge this year.  The works that look like a waterfall are coming from the bridge.  It was pretty neat.

As for other things…Love this favorite childhood sandwich (I say childhood because I haven’t had one in forever)-Wednesday’s Crispy Sandwich (make mine a spicy one!).

With a few modifications I might whip these scones up for breakfast:

I wish more of my friend’s hosted parties.  I would love to bring over this cannoli dip.  I also love that it’s served with pieces of waffle cone :).

Last but not least this strawberry and rhubarb crumble I made for 4th of July.

The insides:

And with the topping!

Out of the oven:

And thoroughly enjoyed :).



Happy July 4th 2014

Hey everyone,

I was hoping to spend sometime out today but with 100% rain in the forecast looks like today will be a work/cleaning day.  Though I don’t really feel like cleaning :(. Let’s see how the day goes…

But first, a few more photos from the South West.

Bison at the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon:

Sunset at the Grand Canyon:



Bryce Canyon:

Black Bear Diner in St. George and Vegas:

Ryan’s dinner the first time in St. George-Meatloaf:

Shared waffle for the table our second trip to diner in Black Bear.

And my huge breakfast plate of chicken sausage, eggs, and red potatoes:




To the west and back

Hey ya’ll,

Coming to the blog briefly to say hello and start sharing the many photos I took last week. Like the last few trips I’m waiting for Ryan to touch up our photos, but they’ll be well worth the wait.  Apparently there are 2000 photos so I’m not sure how long it’s going to take…

For now I’ll start with pictures from our anniversary celebration-via my iphone.

After a week with Ryan’s family in St. George, Utah, we decided to spend an extra night in Las Vegas (Vegas was the closest airport to St. George) to celebrate the anniversary of our first official date.

We were able to get a great deal on a hotel from priceline’s name your own price.  It really works :).  The catch is you have to take any offer made to you.  We asked for a 5 star hotel for $60-that wasn’t accepted but the Aria took $80.  $80 for a 5 star hotel on the strip, not so shabby!

The room was indeed gorgeous.  I loved the blinds that opened as we first walked into the room and the chocolates left on our nightstand at evening turndown.

After enjoying the room for a short while we got ready for an evening in Vegas!  Which meant flats because I broke the heel of my comfy highheels at the wedding on day 2 of our trip :(.  They made walking the strip easy, but I wanted to be a bit more fancy.

First stop for the night, The Michael Jackson One Cirque du Soleil show, which was phenomenal. I was dancing in my seat the entire time and the talent, oh I wish I could dance and flip like the crew.

Next up, dinner at B & B-the restaurant, not the burger place but brought to us by the same awesome cooks.

I kept the camera away during dinner but did photograph these last sweet bites brought to the table.  A selection of cookies.  They know me so well ;).

We ended the night by walking the strip and just relaxing before returning to work and life in New York.

Looking forward to another year with this guy :).

Some random things

1) I’m in California and then Utah for the next few days soaking up some sun, attending a wedding, and Ryan’s family reunion.  Unfortunately I still have some work to do in between, but that’s the nature of the research game :).

2) It’s June 21st and the first day of summer!  But I also can’t believe it’s almost July.  I also have nothing planned for the July 4th weekend.  Maybe a BBQ? Some fun holiday baking?

This pulled pork sandwich looks like a great option!

And this looks like the perfect holiday beverage.

3) Oreos come in so many flavors, but I can never find them in NYC :( Maybe I can stop in a grocery store while here in LA…Mostly I want to try the cookie dough and raspberry. 

4) It’s cherry season! I want some now :).





Highlights from the Sunday

Well, let’s back up to Thursday and the Paolo Nutini concert: 

Disappointed that he played so many songs from his new album because I love the old stuff so much!! I suppose that’s gonna happen with so many years in between releases :(. He did makeup for it with 2 awesome encores!  

Sunday afternoon walk with the pup:

Summer makes me so happy.  Enjoy your week :).

2014 Governor’s Ball

Music Festival’s are now a common occurrence to my summers.  I love most things about the atmosphere, love seeing my favorite bands, and love falling in love with new ones!

All Points West 2009

Austin City Limits 2010

Firefly 2012

Firefly 2013

This year I stayed in NYC and checked out Governor’s Ball-the 4th year for the New York based festival which had humble beginnings with a 1 day show back on Governor’s Island in June 2011. Now the event has joined the ranks of Austin City Limits with a 3 day event (moved uptown to Randall’s Island) that highlighted several big and small NYC acts (Run the Jewels to the Strokes).  I personally was excited for Outkast, Childish Gambino, and Empire of the Sun.  Both gave great shows but I am particularly excited to see Empire of the Sun again.  They were fun to dance to and put on such a theatrical show!

I still need to upload photos but wanted to share some of my favorite music.



New York Science Festival-Star Chat

Amanda texted me in the middle of last week to see what I had planned for the weekend.  I invited her to the New York Science Festival’s Star Chat event.  I was mostly interested in the chance to see a planet or two via some high powered telescopes and perhaps hear a talk or two. She said she was in.  To make the night a little more exciting I suggested a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and grabbing brick oven pizza for dinner and it was an event!

The comet that landed in DUMBO…

While waiting for the sun to set, we wandered and checked out some new areas of the Brooklyn Bridge Park. We had quite a bit of fun at the recreational park area.

Then the sun went down and we joined the star/space travel conversations…and attempted to take a group photo…

At least the sky was pretty in this one…

Time to look at stars and planets! Can you believe you can do this in the city? I wasn’t a believer until Saturday. I was able to see Jupiter and its moons. I was hoping to see the rings of saturn but the clouds moved in and we couldn’t see much :(.

And as we left, the comet at night.

Summers are the best!!



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