Happy Valentine’s!

Hope everyone had a great day no matter how you spent your time.
I’ve had a pretty wonderful day, thanks in part to these lovelies delivered to my apartment from my wonderful mother!

Since I had my Valentine’s date last night, Amanda and I decided to get together and whip up waffles for brunch.
While out this morning I picked up some Pom juice so we could make Pom mocktails:
We also had tea from a tea bulb, they grow so beautifully:
And of course the main star, the waffles:
Topped with lots of fresh fruit, a dollop of plain yogurt, and a drizzle of agave:
So yummy!!

Off to sweat a little and debating if I want to do laundry now or in the morning. I’m leaning towards the morning and going into lab late morning…mmm we will see.