Guys, I made the best baked tofu this week! It was so good I was eating the pieces as a snack 🙂

For the tofu, I simply pressed out the liquid of a firm block of tofu between a few pieces of paper towel and a hand towel then cut into chunks. I tossed the chunks in a mixture of olive oil, honey, cayenne pepper, chili powder, maybe some garlic powder?, I can’t recall. Then I baked at 400 for 20 minutes flipping halfway through.
And with that, I really need to go grocery shopping. Last week was so good with eating all the leftovers in the refrigerator but now…I need to go! Tonight’s dinner of spaghetti squash didn’t cut my hunger and then I ate way too much cereal. Thankfully I’m meeting my friend Dana tomorrow evening for some much needed girl talk downtown and will hit up Trader Joe’s before returning home.
I was also originally planning on going home this weekend and picking up cheap groceries during the trip, but now it looks like more snow is heading to the Philly area so my trip might have to be delayed 😦