I’m behind in posting and am leaving tomorrow for Europe so we’ll see how much I can catch up!

Rewinding to Saturday night and Gone to Governor’s-
The music was great…getting there was not! Basically, Governor’s Island is a 4 min ferry ride from the seaport (downtown Manhattan). The first ferry taking off for the concert was at door’s open, 6 pm. We arrived at 5:55 to find the line wrapped around to State St (about 2 blocks I guess) and just 2 minutes later it seemed the line had doubled. Thankfully at 7:20 or so we made it onto a ferry, the second to last ferry. I can’t imagine how many people were turned away because the island was at maximum capacity!!
Anyhow, all the waiting was worth it in the end, the music and crowd were great!
First up was Delicate Steve a purely instrumental ensemble. I wasn’t sure what to think when they first began, I kept waiting for someone to sing, and when I saw the drummer to the side hunched over and beating away, I immediately thought of the White Rabbits. However, as the set continued I found their originality and fun spirit contagious.
Up next were the threesome of Keepaway. Again, wasn’t sure what to think of the band originally. I kinda had to laugh during their first 2 songs-ie “5 rings” which was about playing Sonic. From there the set, although short, was much improved. The band was fortunate to play during the beautiful setting sun. Originally forecast called for rain, and although I’ve had fun times in the rain, getting on a ferry with hundreds of smelly concert goers would have been less than ideal.
Finally, with the sunset, Yeasayer hit the stage and gave an awesome performance. When Amanda and I saw them last year our biggest criticism was of the venue which made it hard to hear the unique vocals and musical styles of the band. This year, no complaints, everything was great and the crowd got really into it and danced the night away.
Thankfully, getting off the island was not nearly as difficult as getting on, we were back to Manhattan 20-30 minutes after the concert ended. In fact I think we had to wait for the subway longer than for the ferry.
Post to come-Rawstar lunch in Brooklyn, La Roux concert, Week 1 for CSA, but first I need to finish packing!!