Hey all-

Where has the day gone!! I started my day at 5 am this morning, awakened by cramps 😦 but was able to fall back asleep at 7am once the ibuprofen kicked in and slept till 9am.
Breakfast so I could take the ibuprofen was another day of oats in a jar.

After I work back up at 9am I had a large cup of hazelnut coffee with soy milk,

and proceeded to do 2 loads of laundry, shred mail, semi clean the living room and kitchen, and made it to the gym for a 45 minute urban rebounding class followed by 60 minutes of pilates. Both classes were taught by subs, which is alway hit or miss. In the first I had a sub I’m familiar with and wish she taught classes on a regular basis because she’s awesome! She had me feeling it after the first 5 minutes and by the less 15 I felt like jello. Ultimate rebounding is taught on top of a trampoline; 45 minutes of choreographed moves jumping the entire time is hard! I pushed through until the end. I had originally intended on running a bit after pilates, but rebounding was enough!
I came home made a quick lunch of roasted potatoes, carrots, and squash along with a chobani jazzed up with instant jello mix.

Not going to lie, I really wanted some ketchup or hot sauce for the potatoes but no ketchup for me 😦

Snack-PB on cinnamon raison bread (yes it has yeast but I need to empty my current refrigerator contents first).
I then intended on running a bunch of other errands but the cramps returned hardcore so I tried to take care of as many errands as possible at home (ie online shopping). Then it was off to the lab for a couple of hours, home for dinner.
Last of my salmon burgers and sauteed swiss chard:

Dessert of chocolate goldfish and carmel popcorn:
It’s funny I’m not usually a chocolate person so I know my hormones are crazy when I crave it 2x in a day!
I just finished packing, well just about, and am going to keep it easy tonight with some reading, perhaps place the items in my shopping basket-debating if I’ll have time to go in person during the week, and watch a little Dexter (finally got into the show) or maybe Jersey Shore? I haven’t watched the lastest episode.
In addition to clothing I also threw in a few luna bars, now that my diet is a bit more limited not sure what I will be able to eat at the retreat.

Also, I decided that for the next couple of weeks I’m going to try and post my daily meals as a means to stick to my mold free diet, hopefully it works!