The bad news first-I’m definitely getting sick.

The good news-I have 3 more days to recover before getting back onto a plane and flying across the country.
So back to my weekend, which has flew by once again and seems to be a huge blur!

Friday night I met Amanda and Sarah for dinner in the city, and pretty much threw my mold free diet down the drain. I thought I was being smart at dinner, from Mama Palma, when I ordered the polenta spread with roasted peppers, but it turned out to be served on pizza crust. Weird because it was under the salad section. I ate it of course, and it was delicious.

We went back to Amanda’s for dessert, cupcakes from my favorite Philadelphia bakery-Bredenbeck’s, a homemade pumpkin cake, a few locally brewed beers, and kitty play!

This brew was gross! Tasted like pine 😦

Then we were out running the streets as my grandma would put it 😉 and partying it up for Sarah’s 24th!
In the morning we got the gears rolling again at Pumpkin Cafe. I got a breakfast burrito with eggs, black beans, and potato, so good! I gave Sarah my salsa.

After breakfast we took a peak into Pumpkin Market. Then we headed back to Amanda’s, I grabbed my things and was on the bus back to New York.
Weekend to be continued…