While Sarah was getting her fill of turkey I was celebrating my friend Ena’s wedding! It was a huge 3 part 2 day ceremony and I want to share so much of the experience so I’ll post in parts.

This post will focus mostly on friends of the bride and my beautiful dresses from Rent the Runway šŸ˜‰ which I highly recommend for everyone.
For those unfamiliar with Rent the Runway take a look. Basically, they offer high fashion dresses from the current season that you can rent for a 4-8 day period. You select a dress you like, they send two sizes along with a second look just in case you don’t like the first (second dress is at a very low price!). This worked out perfectly for me because I needed multiple dresses for the weekend.
Dress 1:
Night 1, the Sangeet

More friends and looks from Day 2, the wedding ceremony

My dress for Day 2:

We got a little antsy while waiting to head over to the reception on night 2 and started taking photos of one another.

Still ahead, the food, the dancing, and most importantly the bride!