It’s not going to be a case of the Monday’s for me, I’ve got a lot to do this week, and a lot I’m excited to get done!

After a sluggish weekend full of sweets and junk tv; last night I ended up gchatting with my best friend and watching teen mom, so it was a rest night for sure, no yoga or pilates. Nor did I studying spanish for my upcoming trip to Peru, it was just one of those lazy Sunday nights.
After a Friday evening at the Met, what can I say I’m a nerd who likes that the museum is open until 9pm on Friday nights, my friend Matt and I headed downtown for dessert. I had the blood orange layered thing and Matt the Sicilian cheesecake, mine was good, his was amazing.

Saturday and Sunday there was lots of frozen yogurt devoured, what can I say, it was on sale and delicious!
Thus I was excited to hop out of bed, have a nutritious breakfast and get to lab nice and early this Monday morning!
Plans for tonight-A nice long sweat session and Ethiopian dinner with friends!
Gotta run,