Morning everyone,

Yesterday was all about the veggie burger. I recently read an article in the New York Times-“Veggie Burgers, Masters of Disguise” where they reviewed 6 burgers in New York and LA. After seeing the chickpea based veggie burger at Burger and Barrel I knew I had to give it a try ASAP!
While waiting to meet up with my friend at the restaurant I wandered the sale section of Urban Outfitters and came across this book. I tried not to buy it but then I saw a recipe for pretzel roll hamburger bun. After falling in love with Trader Joe’s pretzel stick how could I not get this book!
Once seated at B&B, there was no need to look through the menu, I mean I came for the veggie burger and the burger only. I did however swap out the regular fries for the sweet potato fries. They also have polenta fries, might have to come back and give them a try!
The food came out in a blink of an eye. The burger is served with 2 onion rings on top and a huge pile of fries. I ate the burger (sorry quality of picture here is not the best-check out the NYtimes article) and the onion rings and took the fries home. And wow, this burger was the BOMB! I was almost sad when I had my last bite and am currently still thinking about it 🙂
Off to work. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!