Hey Bloggies,

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Mine has been pretty chill, thanks impart to the rain which has kept me inside. I had planned on attending the Friendly Fires concert in Central Park this afternoon, but waiting in line for 2+ hours to end up standing in the rain, well, it just doesn’t sound as fun as it did in the past. And I have experienced quite a few events in the rain.
Friday night I met up with friends for the Ra Ra Riot concert in Prospect Park.

I really enjoyed the first band, Buke and Gass. Gass referring to their unique self made instrument which is a combination of Bass and Guitar-very cool.

Funny faces during intermission.

For the most part I enjoyed Ra Ra Riot’s set, great instrumentals and I love the lead’s vocals. That said it was a bit too long (I know that’s not usually a complaint) but I think there were some songs they could have left out which were added to extend. As a result there were a few slow moments and songs that sounded somewhat the same.

After the show we headed to Union Hall, but unfortunately as soon as we arrived I was overcome with the need to sleep. I hung out until 12 and then called it a night…still had to commute back to Manhattan.
Saturday I slept in, headed to lab for a bit, read, worked out briefly, and then headed across town to meet Sarah and her boyfriend Tim. Tim frequently reads the blog, hi Tim!
We met up at Kashkaval for an early dinner so the two could make their Broadway show. This was the 4th or 5th time I’ve been to Kashkaval but it’s alway pretty dark so this was the first time I’ve been able to photograph my eats.
We went with their Melbec (which I think is my favorite wine ever!) a tapas plate and a turkey meatball plate.

With evening rain I decided not to head back to Brooklyn for the Ailey 2 dance performance and instead wandered around Borders at the Time Warner center, they were having their going out of business sale :(, and then stopped by Whole Foods to pick up a few items.
Ok back to reading, attempt at some writing and maybe lab? Again it’s been a laid back weekend but after the last 7 weeks of go go go it’s nice to hang around the apartment.
Catch ya later,