Hey Bloggies,

This weekend Amanda paid a visit to New York and during her visit I dragged her to Brooklyn to experience the Brooklyn Flea. Destination #1 was Williamsburg for their Smorgasburg.

There was so many options but once I saw some with a pupusa I basically ran for that tent.

Amanda and I shared a platter. I had a spinach pupusa and she had the traditional with pork. Loaded on top with pickled cabbage, jalapeno peppers, the works.
We walked around the waterfront a bit, mostly to find a bathroom…

and then we were back for round 2, I was looking for something sweet and while there were several options I listened to my stomach which was content and instead had a sip of Amanda’s float.

It was the “Sink the Pink” which consisted of watermelon, ginger, mint and lemon sorbet. It was different, not sure if it was my favorite thing in the world.

After getting our fill we headed over to Fort Green for the traditional market and did a lot of browsing but saved our money and left without a purchase. Well we both ended up buying a passionfruit mint limeade that was ridiculously delicious. I wish he cup was never ending!

Such a fun way to spend a Saturday!