Given a sweet potato I usually cut it up into wedges and pop under the broil for a quick “french fry.” But with a bit more time on my hands and no where to go thanks to the weather, I decided to make home-fries but using a sweet potato to kick up the nutritional value.

Not Your Momma’s home fries
Yield: 1 large serving, 2 small
1 sweet potato cut into small cubes
1 bell pepper (I used a lilac pepper)
1/2 of a small onion
clove of garlic
oliver oil to coat pan
-Heat oil in pan, add potatoes (they will take the longest to cook).
-Once potatoes begin to soften, stir occasionally, add the remaining ingredients.
-Cook until crisp.
-Transfer to plate and paper towel to drain excess oil.

Viola! I ate up my potatoes with an over easy egg, yum.
Time for some more reading-at the moment it’s been mostly for pleasure. Currently reading Cutting for Stone, I highly recommend, it’s very engaging and the writing is phenomenal
Catch ya later,