Hey all-

First, a little house keeping.  If you were a subscriber to my blogspot site please update to wordpress!  If you aren’t a subscriber, what are you waiting for ;).  Also need to update my other pages, but all will come with time.

The beginning of this week was all about tennis!  Well in between some work.  Usually I make my way out to the Open for one day but this year I had the opportunity to go for the first 3 days!  It was a great opportunity to see all of my favorites as well as a few promising up and comers.

This morning I made it Crunch for the first time since the 2nd week of July!  It was brutal even as I modified movements in my trampoline class to accommodate my still recovering knee.  Not brutal in that my knee was killing me but the class actually seemed really hard and I was a bit bummed that I still don’t have full range of motion.  I just need to remember slow and steady wins the race. and I need to take it slow in order to eventually reach my old level of activity.

At the moment icing my knee and watching more tennis.  Stretched a bunch after the workout but still feeling tight so will do a bit more later today.  Then some reading, a little nap, and movie night.  Finally going to see the Help-at least that’s the plan.

Catch ya later,