I’ve been better about controlling my sweet tooth lately but life is short so I still indulge from time to time.

Most recently this has come in the form of an alfajores cookie from Little Brown Chocolate Bakery.  Thankfully this place is a good 25 blocks away from my apartment, otherwise I might frequent often.

The alfajores was pretty good, but nothing like the ones I enjoyed in Peru.

I also went to the new-at least new to me, 16 handles in the Upper East Side.  Love this place, again glad it’s a walk from my apartment or else…

I love the flavor options-16, hence the name, and I love that you get to add your own amount of frozen yogurt and toppings.  Though I’m sure it could be easy to go overboard with both yogurt and toppings.

Sorry blurry photo, too excited to eat to take another 😉

I behaved myself and tried a little red velvet and cake batter.  Then added sprinkles on top, because life is definitely better with sprinkles on top.

Currently salivating, time to go make dinner.