Hey Bloggies-
This post is a long time coming, partly due to a busy week but mostly to headaches wordpress is giving me!  In any case, a posting about last weekend before we get to this weekend.

Last Friday night started with a nice smooth beer-Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat.  The best of two worlds, Pumpkin Spices with a hint of orange of a wheat beer

Friday night was very chill so we had little problems waking up at 6 am to hit the road for a weekend in DC.  3 short hours later we were checked into the 4 seasons.

After checking in we were off to brunch.  I totally forget the name of the restaurant but this crab cake sandwich was very memorable.  I ate it along with a cucumber salad.  The salad was a little off at first, it was more like an early aged pickle salad.  By the end it had me one and I might give it a try late in the week-it was a nice mix of dill (hence the pickle), some spice, and maybe some mint?

Brunch was followed by a Georgetown cupcake for dessert.  I had the salted carmel-it was good, but I think Sprinkles (and there was one 3 blocks away) is better.  Odd to say but I think Georgetown’s were too moist.  The icing was falling into the cake.

A walk down Pennsylvania Ave allowed for digestion.

Museum time-American Museum.Natural History

Natural History

How crazy is this little guy?

Air and Space

Air and space Museum. 

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and passed out!  Our little legs were exhausted, and we had to prep for dinner at Bourbon.

Brunch-Omelette with peppers, onions, and crayfish

Okay, not photo's from dinner at Bourbon-though that was an AMAZING dining experience. 
 Sea Bass, truffle mac' n 'cheese, sautéed mushrooms, brussels sprouts, and a few bites of a mousse 
like brownie. However, I enjoyed the experience and let the camera take a break. Oh, and this omelette, 
it was only so so, maybe a little dry, could use some seasoning. 

Before driving back to Philadelphia we made a short detour to Virginia for the Air and Space 
located in a renovated hangar
Okay tired of playing around tonight, later.