Saturday night I thought I would try to caramelize onions. 40 minutes of watching and stirring to make sure the onions don’t burn but are able to brown and concentrate their sweet flavor.

I’m not so patient so while monitoring the onions I decided to make use of the pumpkin sitting in my refrigerator-I had pulled out the puree from the freezer a couple of days ago and needed to use it ASAP, so perhaps some forced kitchen time was in order.

I used a cup of the pureed pumpkin to make a batch of pumpkin muffins.  I followed this exact recipe but only used 1 cup of sugar.

By the time the muffins were in the oven the onions where just about ready to go and I think I only burned a few 😉

I sliced up a couple of slices of rye bread and smoked gouda.

Once the muffins were out of the oven I turned on the broiler and slipped in the bread topped with onions and cheese.

Steamed up some veggies and dinner was ready to go!