I’m a planner, no question about it…unfortunately that means when things don’t go well I take it pretty personally.  Thankfully Matt is able to let it go and have fun with it, which is very fortunate because it was his birthday dinner that became a disaster!

1st-The pretzel rolls I had in mind didn’t quite rise the second time around.

Which equaled flat bread, at least flatter than they should have been!

While I contemplated what to do we snacked on pub mix, olives, and cheese.

Thankfully the mushroom burgers I had in mind to pair with the rolls turned out fantastically, but I forgot to take a picture.  Also forgot to picture the kale chips which were also a hit!

With dessert it was once again a fail :(.  I had planned on Banana Foster Cake Balls.  The balls came out well, but apparently butterscotch doesn’t really melt, either that or once again I had water in the bowl before I poured in the chips-whoops.

But as I said Matt had fun with it and became a mad scientist as he tried to fix the butterscotch.

In the end he just got silly with it and attempted to spread the mix on top of the balls.

Despite their appearance they were pretty decent.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some, it’s more important to have fun and learn along the way.