So, I think this is the 3rd time I’m saying this but I think fall has finally come to New York, and come to New York to stay.

I enjoyed the falling temperatures and sunny skies this weekend by exploring a few Open House New York sites.  Including volunteering my time on the Lilac, an lighthouse tender from 1933.  No pictures, I once again I forgot my camera on Saturday 😦

I’ve spoke about OHNY in the past.  The organization provides a weekend each year where a number of new and historic structures are made available for public viewing in order to promote discussion and education of design, planning, and preservation.  It’s just one of the events that I love about the city and something I will miss when I eventually move away, whether that be in a year, 2 years, or in my eventual retirement.  I also love these kind of events because they give me the chance to meet new people who share a similar passion.  Yesterday I had a great conversation with quite a few people including an older gentleman named Hank, who left quite a lasting impression.  I enjoyed speaking with him about varying careers in his life, how he came to live in NYC, etc.

Today I made it to a couple of OHNY sites including the BMW Guggenheim Lab.

I had been meaning to check out this space for the last 2 weeks but didn’t make it until it’s closing day 😦  Look at all the cool activities that I’ve been missing!

I also stopped by the New York Marble Cemetery.  I’ve probably walked past this gate dozens of times when living in the village but never once thought what laid behind.



I was surprised to find out that current descendants can still be buried here.

How did you spend your weekend?