Hey Bloggies,

Friday morning I was a little tight on time…I was trying to prep for a class, clean the apartment for guest later in the evening, start working on snacks that I was hoping to share with guest, workout, and get dressed…this all by 9am.  I accomplished everything on my list but this meant that the workout had to be shortened.

In order to get in a high impact workout in <30 minutes I turned to Bodyrock.tv.  I hadn’t been to the site since the end of the summer and I forgot just how hard a 12 minute routine could be.  I started by warming up my body with 200 high knees with my jump rope followed by a 12 minute routine (I was sweating by minute 3!), and finished with a bit of stretching.  I felt so good after the short session and plenty challenged!  I need to remember to add these back into my routine a couple a times a week. And boy do my legs feel it today!  Wish me luck when I hop onto the elliptical a bit later.

This morning is the complete opposite.  I’m laying in bed, recovery after my school’s Halloween Party and waiting for the snow to start.  Yes, snow, snow in October, snow after temperatures in the 80s just 2 weeks ago was it?  In any case, last night was a blast from pre-festivities in my apartment which included a Pumpkin Ale taste test, Pumpkin soda to mix with spiced rum (so good, need to get Jenn’s recipe for this-she made the soda herself), spiced muffins,

Pumpkin ale cake…apparently it was good ;).  I’ll make it again and give you the recipe.

Pumpkin spiced chickpeas-

Then we took a few candid and group photos.

Matt (Mark Antony), Christine (clever as always being rock, paper, scissors), Jenn (ring master).

Some of the Clue guest.

Cleopatra and Mark Antony-I designed this dress myself, neckline was a bit lower than I intended, looked ok from the found, not a fan of the side…but I also saved $40 by constructing it myself!!

And it was off to the party-

So many great costumes!!

Such a fun night!!

Proverbs 29:20-Seest thou a man that is hasty in his words? there is more hope of a fool than of him.