So I posted a workout plan last Saturday night right before going to bed in the hopes that it would motivate me to keep moving as the weather  gets cooler.  Well, I didn’t stick exactly to it, but it did provide me an additional incentive to get moving as well as a form of accountability.

In the end, the week went more like this:

Sunday-active rest (legs were still really achy) 3.5 mi walk

Monday-intervals on elliptical, biceps/triceps, run walk briefly, stairmaster-total 35 min cardio


Wednesday-total of about 40 minutes walking through the day, intervals on ET, shoulders

Thursday-40 min walk, strength legs/body rock, ET

Friday-pilates, 5 mi walk

Saturday-40 min walk, 45 min ET, arms


In more interesting news, I was able to spend a little time with the puppy today, she’s now 2 months old!  She’ll be coming home on the 16th, can’t wait!

My friend Amanda said she kinda looks like an Ewok, what do you think?

What do you think…


I kinda see it…in either case she’s seriously the cutest little thing!

Her brother playing with momma:

I’m so looking forward to the extra hour of sleep tonight, you have no idea!  I feel like sitting and typing out this post is the first time I’ve stopped and really relaxed all week. Yay for falling back!!