Oh, how is it possible that I work in a lab that studies stress, yet I just load on the stress?  Well after getting only 5 hours of sleep over the last couple of nights, and those hours being pretty restless, I did something to alleviate a bit of that stress.

1. I decided to skip a conference that I wanted to attend on social justice-while this is my passion, I have so much data to sort through and make sense of my time was better spent in lab today especially since I will be away for another conference at the end of the week.

2. I decided to postpone the attendance of an informational meeting until next month.  Going would have involved a stance in Philadelphia on my way to DC.  Carry bags from one meeting to another is not fun-I did it last year in my crazy travels from California to Philadelphia to New York and back to California again-while applying for a fellowship-in the end I caught a cold and was just spent…not trying to do that again.

And while I now also miss a friend’s birthday celebration in Philadelphia, I have time to fully meet with a collaborator to discuss data, do laundry, pack, etc.

My mom is also sick and didn’t want me to catch her cold, so all signs really did point to not going.

3. Listened to the new Florence and the Machine album on repeat while I attempted to get through my data-still need to enter in so much-and then eventually make sense of it all.  It’s really a great album, I need to catch her in concert!

proverbs 10:28-The hope of the righteous shall be gladness: but the expectation of the wicked shall perish.

Later peps,