Hey all-

Will give you a recap of all the fun I’m having here in DC as soon as possible, but for now a collection of recipes I want to give a try when I’m next in my kitchen.

Sweet Potato Casserole Cookie Bars-sweet potato casserole and cookies, OMG. Heaven.

Orange Pumpkin Cloverleafs-Perhaps a good bread for Thanksgiving, and because the  obsession with all things orange in color continues because I haven’t turned orange yet 🙂

Tiramisu Pancakes-and they’re vegan!

Apple, and cheddar, and whole wheat scones-because I have so many apples in my kitchen that I just cannot eat fast enough, that and I’ve been itching to bake up a batch of scones, oh and I’m kinda hungry at the moment so my mind is all about savory.

Herb and apple stuffing-again a means to use up my apples

Proverbs 13:10-Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.