Hey Bloggies,

I’m officially into the holiday season and in particular the holiday eating season,  and this year I’m going to try and back away from the cookies.  I feel like I’ve done a nice job over the last 6 months of decreasing my sugar intake and I don’t want to undo all of my hard work.

My first challenge came this past Saturday at my yearly graduate student Thanksgiving Potluck dinner. And while I did eat some of everything I kept to small taste-

A bit of wine

and cheese

should also show you the entire cheese spread:

I also had a bit of mac’n’cheese and sweet potatoes:

and loaded up on salad and brussels sprouts:

Also so proud that I kept to only 1 cookie.  Unfortunately the leftovers are still in my apartment which meant snacking on a cookie or 2 the following days.  Ah, will power!!

1 event down-6 more to go?