Hey Bloggies,

This past Saturday I met up with Ryan to have brunch at Fig and Olive.  I had heard great things but did not have the chance to experience first hand until Saturday.  I’m so sorry that I’ve passed by this place so often in the past.  It was by far one of my best brunch experiences in the city!

I ordered the poached eggs with marinated salmon, avocado, citrus, scallions, and ricotta.  Oh my gosh, my mouth is salivating just thinking about the salmon.  I also loved the presentation.  There was salmon at the bottom of the sourdough bread with 2 eggs places on top, additional salmon and cheese on the side.

In other news tentative workout plan for the week

Sunday-50 min walking around city, bodyrock”ya da one” workout/pilates

Monday-30 ET, back/rear delts

Tuesday-bodyrock/ run and/or ET



Friday-long walk