After catching a few zzz’s we went to see the new Muppets’ Movie.  Which everyone should go and see now especially if you grew up watching the Muppets.  I felt so sentimental, loved the music, and laughed throughout the film.

We then had a late lunch/early dinner  at Houlihan’s, which for chain restaurants has one of the best menus, and full of healthy options.

I had a black bean and chickpea veggie burger with asparagus.

My mom had the rosemary chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccolini.

Then it was off to Peddler’s Village for Christmas lights and their gingerbread house contest.

So many well designed houses!

Harry Potter inspired:

The Magic Kingdom:

But I think the one below of the Christmas Story was my favorite.  Can you believe it’s all edible!!

It was such a great day!