Matt’s really into cooking, at least when he has time to do so, and while I think it comes more naturally to me, he’s more adventurous and has probably tried a larger range of dishes.  His current favorite dish is a cauliflower ragu, he raves about this dish, but I’ve yet to taste.

Before parting ways on Sunday we both decided to head to Whole Foods to pick up groceries for the week.  He grabbed a head of cauliflower with intentions of of making his ragu and I decided to grab a head as well, though I had two of my own dishes in mind.

1. A cauliflower and white bean mash (think mashed potatoes) that was inspired by a dish I saw on the biggest loser Thanksgiving Special.

For this dish I briefly boiled a half a head of cauliflower:

Cut up 2 pearl onions (regular are fine but this is what I had) along with a garlic glove and sauteed both in a pan with olive oil.  Then I added a half a can of white beans (about 4-6 oz) to the saute pan and stirred on low heat for an additional minute.

Then I added the cauliflower, bean mix, and 1/2 a cup of veggie stock to the blender and pureed.  I added up to an additional 1/2 a cup more of stock until desired texture was reached (again think mashed potatoes).


2. Curried roasted cauliflower

With the remaining cauliflower I cut and washed the florets, tossed with olive oil, cayenne pepper, and curry powder and roasted at 400* until it began to get crispy.

Both dishes were wonderful and good for me too!  The mashed beans and cauliflower really does taste like mashed potatoes and without all the butter and milk fat.  Despite being white Cauliflower is full  of vit C, vit K, folate, vitamin B6 and B5, maganese, potassium, and much more, so load up!!

The little gremlin thought it smelled pretty good too, she asked me for some…I said no.