Morning Bloggies,

Can you believe there are only 4 days until Christmas!!! Are you ready?  I’m definitely not and for some reason I’m still not feeling the holiday.  Not quite sure why, I’ve definitely been doing Christmas things…

This weekend I baked Gingerbread People, some came out better than others.

And mailed them along with Christmas cards yesterday.

Went to the Nutcracker yesterday at BAM, performed by ABT


Freezed my butt of ice skating at Bryant park followed by an Alvin and Ailey dance performance on Sunday as a Christmas present from Matt, and am currently listening to the Holiday station on Pandora.

Perhaps I’ve been running around too much and need to stop, breath, and enjoy. We’ll see, maybe another night of baking and gift wrapping are in store.

Other dishes that I’ve been enjoying and that you should give a try ASAP!

Thai Chicken Pizza-thought it’s good without the  chicken as well, making the sans chicken version for tonight’s dinner.

and French Apple Cake-I have already mentioned that one?  Well even if I have, it’s worth repeating!!