4:55 am-alarm goes off, Mei comes and licks my face she’s happy to see I’m up and is ready to go for a walk.

5:00 am-I’m able to hold off Mei for a few minutes by giving her, her breakfast, while I get some decaf coffee brewing (not ready for the real stuff yet) and get dressed

5:20 am-after taking Mei on a quick walk I quickly finish getting ready, decided to eat a wrap w/ pb and gulp down the coffee

5:35 am-LAB

7:15 am-ready for some real coffee, but the don’t have time to go to a cafe or make my own and the school’s cafe doesn’t open for another 15 minutes, by that point I’ll be busy with a timed experiment.  Decide to get my Bodyrock done for the day, and in about 6 minutes am able to bang out the latest 400 rep challenge, and am feeling a bit more energized.

9 am-I run home to take Mei on short walk

9:20 am-my tummy is grumbling, I whip up some oatmeal adding in a large scoop of pumpkin and at the last minute add in about 1/4-1/3 cup egg whites for staying power.  Have this along with some green tea.

9:45 am-back to lab

3 pm-first time I can take a break since this morning, and I’m sure Mei is ready to stretch her little legs.  I run home take her out, and decide what I should eat. I’m not particularly hungry but it’s been nearly 6 hours and I’m starting to get a headache.  I decide on some soup and have some popcorn on the side.

I have a little down time before I need to get back to lab (and since I need to stay until about 12:30/1 am) I decide to take a short nap.

4 pm-wake from nap and hunger is here!  I have a bit more popcorn, then some walnuts and M and M’s (this amount *3).

8:15 pm-come home, make a small salad along with a wrap w/ part skim mozzarella cheese, let it digest for 30 minutes and then head to the gym.

10:15 pm-Have a glass of almond milk to recover from workout, and water as well.  Run back to lab.

1 am-Jam my finger in a desk drawer as I’m rushing to clean up and leave

1:30 am-Pass out after the longest day, my pillow never felt so good 🙂

3:00 am-Feel something warm and wet, realize Mei is eliminating herself (she never does this, I find out she had water at 12am).  Throw the dog into the cage, grab towels, strip bed, grab new dry towels which will have to do and pass back out.

6:00 am-Mei is barking ready to go out again.

7-9:30 am-Try to fall back asleep but it’s no use.  Have some coffee, a yogurt with cereal, wrap with pb, and one of my roommates freshly made macaroons, because why not.

10:30 am-back to the lab.

Catch ya later, with a more “normal” day.