Hey Bloggies,

How was your week?  Mine has been pretty exhausting, Tuesday’s post has ended up being more of a reflection of this entire week! With a schedule that pretty much ran, walk the dog, eat, work, try to exercise, repeat…something had to give.

Unfortunately that something this week has been my diet.  Apart from Wednesday when I was able to keep a pretty clean diet and ended the night with this AMAZING salad with a salmon burger on top.

His and her salad (Matt had a break in his interviewing schedule, eh well somewhat, he stopped by after an interview at Mt Sinai but wasn’t feeling particularly hungry, hence the small salad).

The rest of the week was full of snacking and diet soda…blah.  And while for the most part I made healthy snack options, they were still something my body didn’t need.  Anyhow, not going to linger on the issue, today is a new day which I started with a dog walk and a BodyRock routine and am now having a blood orange (yay, it’s that time of year ago…oh it’s the little things in life) and some egg whites with veggies.

Don’t have much on the agenda this weekend apart from work, writing thank you cards, and maybe a glass of wine.

Catch ya later, hopefully with some cooking?