Hey everyone,

How was your weekend?  I think if I was writing this post a year ago I would have complained about the snow and how I stayed in all day to work.  Well yesterday I rediscovered my love of the snow the moment I took the wee little pup out.  Although it was the crack of dawn I grabbed my camera to get a picture of her first experience with the powdery stuff.

Verdict-she was a fan!

After our early morning walk I crashed for another hour until the sun came up.  I then made some coffee and contemplated what I wanted to have for breakfast.  I decided on banana waffles, but then after I had the batter ready I realized that I didn’t have any cooking spray.  I thought alternatively I could wipe the machine with vegetable oil.  Mmm, not such a good idea.

After spending a good 30 minutes trying to get the crud off I complained to Matt who suggested trekking through the snow and having a late breakfast with him.  So I bundled up and went out into the snow and wind.

The company was great, the breakfast was OK, my waffles would have been better.  I had a wild omelette with spinach and pesto, which was still lacking in flavor to me.

Matt had poached eggs on leek potatoes.

After breakfast I took Mei to the dog park so she could really hop around and have some fun. And otherwise i worked out, analyzed data, and tutored.  Oh and tried to keep the dog from prematurely submitting this post-she likes to play with my key board…as I try and write.  Anyhow, for that reason I’m going to say good night before she accidently inserts a curse word that I don’t catch.