Wow, I’m finally coming up to catch my breath after my last committee meeting.  I was planning on having my yearly meeting in March but was shocked to find out in the first week of January that my meeting was going to be pushed up to February 6th.  Since then I’ve been working like crazy to first collect a lot of data and then in the last week put everything together into a somewhat cohesive story.  The latter part always gives me the most anxiety.  I know I have good data but just selling it and getting everyone else excited, well, it’s not my strong point.  It also stresses me out like no other and all I want to do is eat danishes…which I did a lot of, thankfully going to the gym for any amount of time is also a stress reliever.

This weekend I began to calm down a bit.  My presentation was ready and I just needed to go through it a few times.  In order to relax and to celebrate the end of Matt’s interview season we went to Eataly.  The last time we went was exactly a year ago.

We started out this time at the vegetable station and ordered the verdure alla piastra to share-a warm vegetable salad with farro.

After walking around the market a bit and buying some blood oranges we headed over to the fish section.  Matt ordered oysters and I gave in and tried my first one, EVER!  It actually wasn’t so bad.  It went down so quickly that the chewing that I dreaded the most never actually happened and it really just tasted like the condiments, well that and salty-I added horseradish and lemon juice.

We then split the shrimp, butternut squash, and polenta dish.  I was in heaven here, but wish there was more butternut squash.  I was actually hoping that it was a butternut squash polenta which I’ve been dreaming of ever since having one at Heaven on Seven.  I’ve recreated the dish on my own a few times, using either sweet potatoes or butternut squash, but it’s never quite the same.  Though that’s probably because I don’t use enough if any butter.

We finished off the night by spilting a couple of desserts.

All and all another amazing night at Eataly, wish I could afford to go back more often!!