Yesterday Matt and I met up for brunch at Prune. I had heard great things.  After a trek downtown, I was greeted with a crowd outside and a warning of an hour wait, so I assumed it was indeed going to be pretty great.

After finding out that the first 2 vegetarian options I wanted had tomatoes I settled on the savory chicken and egg dish.  Mmm, it wasn’t exactly what I expected.  For me it was ok, but a little too rich, especially with the toast covered in butter.  Matt thought it was great, but I just prefer lighter food I guess?

We then walked crosstown for the City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Festival.

Yesterday’s was a peanut butter lover’s dream, but again incredibly rich so we split one, and even so I was on a sugar high for the next hour or so.

But seriously this was amazing, if you’re ever in the city in February, you have to go!  This one was made particularly special by the peanut butter cookie immersed in the bottom….oh so good!  I kinda want to go back tomorrow for Chili Pepper Hot Chocolate.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing, I haven’t seen much SNL lately, but I loved last night’s episode with Maya Rudolph as host.

More of the same planned for today, I guess I’m having a staycation for now, at least until I figure where to take my next adventure.