It’s still odd writing 2012, I haven’t got the hang quite yet. I’m also behind in blogging, but again that’s nothing new 🙂

After a wonderful dinner on Sunday in part to celebrate good news regarding my graduate school progress we kept it intimate and at home for Valentine’s Day.

On the menu, mussels and clams to start.  The recipe was based off Monk’s Petite Dejeanuer mussels which consist of oatmeal stout, goat cheese, baby spinach (we used watercress), and garlic.  Tomato sauce as well but none for us thanks to my allergies.

The aroma in the kitchen was amazing, even if the photo doesn’t look so appealing, Mei thought so too:

By the way look who got a hair cut!

Before cut:

After cut:

Also after destruction of the blue toy from the previous image, hence the stuffing on her face.

But, back to dinner, the finished product:

We followed up the clams with stuffed branzino fish, which was so good that we dug right in and I forgot to snap a photo 😦  Well, I remembered after we ate…

xoxo to all my readers,