So at least 3 days a week I’ve been watching the Today Show before going into lab, and since doing so I’ve seen healthy living advice at least 1x a week if not more.  Of course it’s always the same, workout at least 30 minutes 5x a week, it can be anything even a brisk walk. No smoking, fruits, veggies, blah, blah, blah.

Then I realized as soon as I started to pooh pooh the repeated advice, I don’t always take it.  I mean I exercise, don’t smoke, try to sleep enough, etc. but the fruit and veg thing, I need to work on that. So that’s my goal for the next 30 days, that and to actually document it a bit better than I have in the past, but we shall see on that last part 🙂

The fruit part isn’t so bad especially thanks to this new find.  Almond coconut milk mix, ahhh sooooo goood!

Blend with a frozen banana, blueberries, strawberries, whatever, and it’s heaven, trust me, best milk ever!!!

Veggies in egg white omelets for lunch..blood orange and some olives on the side, ignore the broken up omelet, it was perfect until I went to flip it 😦Mmm, anyhow, that’s the plan, let’s make it work!!