Did I mention I really want a vacation?  I’ve been searching the web for hours looking for a great getaway for the single traveler, but nothing has really sparked my interest…mmm.

For now I’ve been content with exploring New York.

Monday, Matt and I headed over the George Washington Bridge to hike along the Palisades.

Saturday we headed downtown to Cafe Orlin on St Marks for brunch-poached eggs and smoked salmon over a potato cake for me and pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon yogurt for him, though we both sampled from one another.

and while walking around the east village found a cute tea shop and had a nice pot of green tea.

And then after passing out and taking a nice long nap I headed to the gym, grabbed some groceries, painted my nails and watched my first episode of The Wire-why am so late to watch this show?

Oh and I made a yummy quinoa dish full of veggies with some guacamole and plain greek yogurt to top, yum!