Hey all!

Ah, where have the last 2 weeks gone?  I honestly have no idea 😦  And according to my camera I’ve also done little, at least little worth capturing.  That is until last night when I dragged myself away from lab and my area of the city to see the Black Keys in concert at Madison Square Garden.  Mmm, well let’s be honest, I really went for the Arctic Monkeys.

I haven’t done a concert of this magnitude since a John Mayer concert in 2008 at the Tweeter center in Camden, NJ-now I guess the Susquehanna Bank Center.  I wasn’t a fan then and last night was no different.  I love the up and close experience that I’ve had at New York City’s smaller venues over the last 8 years and don’t think I can go back.  I mean I’ve done the festival thing, but still feel relatively close.

There was none of that last night (pictures thanks to Ryan at Time in Moments)-

Once I got over the venue I was able to enjoy both shows, and was impressed that the Arctic Monkeys basically but on an entire set!

However, people were clearly not here for the Arctic Moneys, because the audience vibe was turned up about 5 notches the moment the Black Keys hit the stage.

Apart from watching the gross old couple in front of me get wasted and proceed to make out for just about the entire set, it was a great night!  And with the high temperatures this week, I can’t think of a better way to start off day light savings!!