So, I don’t know how I feel about following up a post about The Black Keys concert with this one…but I’m hooked!

Just this weekend when visiting home my sister introduced me to One Direction.  I mean I think I had heard the song “What Makes You Beautiful” in a spin class last week, and while I thought it was catchy I didn’t think twice about the band.  Then Monday morning while getting ready I saw that the band was making its international debut on the Today show (though, was it really their international debut given that they were on Nickelodeon that Saturday, I guess they didn’t preform live at that point).  Anyhow, I delayed going into lab to watch the band-ah who am I?  And since Monday morning I’ve listened to “What Makes You Beautiful” among other songs, mmm, well, way too many times!!

Now I’m not saying that they’re any Arctic Monkeys, but as far as boy bands go, they’re pretty good.  I just wish them all luck with the quick rise to fame, some other British group bands, girl or boy, haven’t always done so well, or even have longevity.

I also can’t believe how young the boys look, they’re all aged 18-20, but look like babies to me, but I suppose that is what college freshman look like.  Yet Justin Timberlake  doesn’t seem as young to me in “Tearin’ Up My Heart” and he was only 16!

Ok, now I’m dwelling on this a bit too much but Alex Turner is 19 here and again looks much more like a 19 year old…maybe its the lighting?

Anyhow, enjoy the rest of your hump day!