The quick rise in temperatures last week caused Central Park to go from drab (minus the sea of green thanks to St. Patrick’s)

to bright and beautiful!

The coming of spring also meant a new menu at Fig and Olive. I was ready to go for my go to but decided it was the perfect opportunity to try something new.

Matt and I started with some yummy crostini-

I followed with the gnocchi with poached eggs-

This was good, but too rich, I ate maybe a 1/3 and gave the rest to Matt, he also found it hard to finish.  Given that the portions at Fig and Olive are very reasonable(as in the proper portion size), so this says a lot!!

Matt went with the french toast with a strawberry and rhubarb compote.  We both agreed that this was the best french toast we have ever had!!! Every bite was moist and full of flavor-it melted in our mouths. I would definitely order this again next time, no questions asked!

And for now it’s off to catch up on Desperate Housewives and crash.  I have every intention of getting up and making it to the gym tomorrow before 6am, so hopefully I will crash.  Ever since having a puppy in my life this task has become that much harder, but the alarm is set and I’m getting my sweat on-no excuses!!