A couple of weeks ago I was at home writing, I think, and I received a call from an unknown number.  Thankfully I didn’t hesitate and answered immediately.  To my surprise I had won tickets for Crystal Spring’s Grand tasting as part of their Food and Wine Festival.  I must admit, it took me a minute to register what the woman on the other end of the phone was saying, and then I remembered randomly entering the drawing a month or so back.

Wine and a ceviche scallop:Matt was kind enough to be the DD for the night, we rented a car from Newark Airport for the event, so I was able to enjoy each taste of wine.

The food at the event was pretty good, but the wine was much better, he missed out 😉

…or not 😉This was probably my favorite dish of the night, because they kept it simple, 4 ingredients! Several of the other restaurants would have a great bite which was ruined by heavy sauces. And I mean heavy, at one point I actually had to spit something into a napkin, it was way over the top.

For this fish plate, a sauce was used, but they kept it light and I think it enhanced the flavor of the fish and complimented the sweet from the chunks of pineapple.

I also enjoyed the huge ice bar full of cocktail shrimp, I’ve always been a fan of shrimp!

My company for the ride home!

Catch ya later,