One thing that never gets old is a nice walk through central park.  I love taking in the views, breathing in the fresher air, and watching people engaged in their various activities.

From day to night.And back home again for dinner.  A month or so back I came across a few different versions of a cauliflower crust pizza.  I love pizza and was excited to have another non-yeast pizza base to use as an alternative to my potato based crust.  Not to mention what a great way to sneak in some additional veggies!I made this version with my mom a couple of weeks back.  We used the base from Meals and Moves, sans the nutritional yeast.  We also topped our pizza with peppers and chicken sausage.  It was a winner and both my mom and sister were fans!!As others have mentioned, it’s not 100% regular pizza, but its pretty darn close and taste yummy all the same.  I would pretty much eat this a couple of times a week if it didn’t take so long to grate the cauliflower…I should invest in a food processor.  Hint, hint, readers, my birthday is coming up 😉