When living in Boston the summer before my junior year of college, I was seriously BROKE!!!!! So eating out  was never really an option.  I think I hit up Quincy market a couple of times, and the North End for some Italian pastries, but that was about the extent of my culinary excursions.

It was nice to have a few more dollars this time around and visit a few different restaurants.

Friday night we attempted to eat at Toro for tapas, but the wait was 2 hours!  After a 4.5 hr bus ride from the NYC Crissy and I didn’t think we could hold off so we made our way to Beehive where Ena had made a reservation just in case Toro didn’t work out.

I started off with a malbec and ordered the lemon sole with broccoli rabe and cauliflower for my entree. It was out of this world!  The fish was cooked to perfection, and eat bite melted in my mouth.

My dinner companions ordered the couscous:

and the duck with roasted grapes.

Saturday morning for brunch we made our way to Sonsie’s.  I loved the atmosphere.  They had a huge open window in the cafe section, and the restaurant itself extended quite far back.

The menu was quite large and I had a difficult time deciding.  In the end I went the smoked salmon platter, which was delicous, so happy with my choice!

Crissy went with the sweet potato hash with poached eggs:

and Ena the huevos rancheros.

Will save Saturday night for my next post.