Hey all-

I had such a wonderful weekend!  It started off nice and early with a Core Fusion barre class, which as I suspected, was just like the Bar Method class I took last weekend in Boston. After toning and stretching I took a peaceful stroll through Central Park, it was so tranquil first thing in the morning.

Saturday evening I started off my birthday celebration with a dinner with friends at B Cafe.  My birthday isn’t until May 9th, but I’ll be away that week and still wanted to celebrate with friends in New York.  I had passed B Cafe quite a few times in the past, and had always wanted to go in to look at their selection of Belgium beers.  I had not realized that it was a restaurant, until Yifan mentioned it among her suggestions. Once I saw mussels on the menu I was sold!

I ordered the garlic and beer mussels with a side of frites.

They were good, but not my favorite mussel sauce.  Though I did appreciate the large volume of vegetables that were perfectly cooked in the pot.

After a dinner a few of us headed to Auction House to chat and have a couple of drinks.

Sunday, the eating festivities continued with a Crawfish Broil at The Redhead. Apart from having crawfish in gumbos when in New Orleans a few years back, my experience with the little critters was pretty limited.

But after reading the tutorial on how to crack the little guys open and a little help from Ryan, I dug in.  In addition to 2 pounds of crawfish the platter also came with corn, artichokes, roasted garlic, sauteed mushrooms, and sausage.

We also ordered a side of hush puppies and pretzels with a beer cheese sauce. Everything was delicious and spicy, which is where the pretzel came into play-it was much needed to cool off my mouth.  I made a pretty decent dent into my plate, but wasn’t able to finish it all, the rest of the table helped me there and gladly took my remaining crawfish and sausage!

After 2 days of eating with some wine and Belgium beer thrown in to the mix, I decided to walk home from Red Head. I ended up talking with my mom while walking home so the time flew by.  Once home I took the pup for a walk and was so ready to pass out! But seriously, what a great weekend, I couldn’t have asked for more!



Actually, here’s a little more, some music for a Monday.