My friend Sherika had bought tickets for Lissy Trullie at Mercury Lounge.

She then found out that an artist she has been following for sometime, Marques, was going to be performing at Rockwood Music Hall that night about an hour before Lissy’s performance.

Rather than chose between the 2 she decided to try to catch both, and I tagged along for the ride.  And apart from feeling a little dizzy at Marques show due to the large turnout and small space, it was great night!

First up was Marques, what a talent.  I hope to catch him again for a full concert.

Lissy has a unique deep voice that grew on me as their set went on, but she’s not quite there yet-definitely needs to mature her sound a bit.

Ps-check out her shoes, loved them!

Still can’t believe we made it to both shows!  Not my typical Wednesday night, that’s for sure.