Hey Bloggies,

As promised here are some eats from the last week or so from the grocery shopping post, eh a little over a week ago now.

Breakfast mostly consisted of blueberry oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder and almonds, cottage cheese with a slice of toast and pb,

an egg sandwich on a high fiber english muffin with one over easy egg and steamed spinach,

or protein pancakes.  A first for me.  Need to play around with a recipe I really like before posting details.

Many lunches included yogurt with some kashi and a few chocolate chips and a fruit and/or vegetable salad.

Light lunches and snacks included green smoothies-almond/coconut milk, frozen or fresh berries depending on what I had on hand, half a frozen banana, half a scoop of protein powder, and spinach.Dinners weren’t the prettiest but yummy all the same.

Spaghetti squash with chicken breast, spinach, and kale and pistachio pesto.

Also had a mix and match one night of sweet potato “fries”, refried black beans, and kale chips with a yogurt garlic sauce.

And for a lazy night I had a lean cuisine.

Also loving these fiber one peanut butter brownies.  Perfect way to kick my urge for something sweet.

Okay, off to get the rest of my laundry and then sleep!  I have a core fusion class that I signed up for nice and early.