…of Jason Mraz






I came home to Pennsylvania last night to drop off the pup.  My mom is caring for her while I’m away sunning in Costa Rica, thanks mom.

Being home on a Friday morning also means watching early morning cable, I wasn’t able to sleep in but still felt like being lazy. Since the cooking channels were still on paid programming I switched back and forth on the music channels.  In doing so I came across Jason Mraz’s video for “I won’t give up.” And boy, was I shocked by his appearance, which is a shame because I love the song.  I mean I remember the shock when he was in his muscular phase, but this long shaggy look, mmm, it’s not really working for him.  Maybe if he shaved the goatee? and put the hair up? I might be able to go for that look.  Oh well, I’ll continue to enjoy the song, just won’t watch the video again.