By now I should be a proficient packer. I mean I thought I had mastered the skill during my senior year at NYU, when I was traveling every weekend for graduate school interviews.  If not then, I knew I had it down when I went to visit my friend Dana for a 2 week tour around Spain and Portugal with just a ruck sac.

But something went terribly wrong with this trip!  I don’t know if it was the short trip to Philly to drop off Mei, or the uncertainty of weather and activities in Costa Rica, but I was totally lost when it came to packing for this trip. Can’t believe I’m showing the state of my room!

After making a mess on my bed I decided to give up on trying to get everything into a carry-on bag and went crazy with my allowed checked bag, Jet Blue rules!!

After a short rest I was up and ready to go!  I met Sherika and we headed to JFK to meet the remaining crew. A few short hours later and we touched down in Costa Rica.

Our flight was a bit early so our shuttle driver had not yet arrived.  To our surprise a friendly taxi driver gave our booking agent a call and found out that the driver was on his way.  I thought for sure he was calling some fake number and was going to try and rip us off, boy was I wrong!  This encounter can pretty much sum up my entire experience with Costa Ricans, they are the nicest and friendliest people I have met during my travels.

After a 20 minute or so drive we arrived to our beautiful condo.

The driver took us on a quick tour of the area including the grocery store, which was a stone throws away from our building, the main block in town, and to the beach club owned by our gated community.  We could have paid extra for regular use of the club which included a pool, gym, and restaurant. We didn’t pay the fee since there was also a pool by the condo, but confirmed and completed booking activities with the club’s concierge.  From there it was time to explore the beach, eat and drink a little, and RELAX!

Local beer.Local eats, well kind of, they were fish tacos-the fish were local 🙂Local friends.  So many stray dogs but all were healthy and friendly.Local entertainment.And then we passed out!