This is going to be a long post thanks to Ryan’s photography and the millions of activities we engaged in during our time at Borinquen Mountain Resort.  I think the day spent at this resort was by far my favorite, it was jammed packed with activity and went beyond any of our expectations.

But before diving into Borinquen let’s back up and talk about our sailing and snorkeling adventure.

The first morning in Costa Rica we were up bright and early with the sun, actually I think it was the hundreds of birds outside our windows that did it, but in any case, we were up bright and early-like 5:30.  With such an early start to the day we had no problem being on the beach by 7 am!  That also meant that by the time 1 pm and our boat cruise rolled around it felt like an entirely different day, not that I’m complaining, I love making the most of my vacation.

The sailing experience included about an hour ride out, time to snorkel or swim to the beach, a light dinner, open bar, and ride back  as the sun set.

Prior to this trip I’ve never snorkeled, though I had toyed with the idea of getting certified for scuba diving, even purchased a groupon for certification but let it go to waste 😦  But so glad I finally had the chance to dive into open waters.  While I didn’t see too much, a school of colorful little fish, a sea cucumber, and star fish, it was still a great experience and something I’ll do in the future without hesitation.

For me the afternoon also included a little fishing time-PS, check out the sexy beach hair.

I would like to think that I’m stronger than the average girl, but boy was that baby hard, even with the captain’s assistance.

After all that work I was hoping he would be a bit bigger, but really, I’ve never caught anything even close to its size.

Fishy hands!

The ride home and sunset.

Adventure day! So when deciding on activities for the trip we considered a combined ATV and canopying (zip line) package that included lunch.  That morning we found out that in addition to ATVs and zip line, we would also be riding horses and had the option to take advantage of the resorts spa and mud bath, wow, we were excited!

After an hour and half ride from our condo we arrived, jumped onto our horses and were ready to go.

After a 40 minute horse ride we arrived to the first zip line.

The course consisted of 10 lines.  The first 9 we cruised.

or flew…or dangled…

The last we repelled down.

Then it was time for lunch.  A cheese plate to start.

Tamarind juice to drink.I ordered the vegetable casado for my meal, the typical Costa Ricain lunch.  Interestingly casado is spanish for “married man”-I guess because married men eat well?  My casado consisted of black beans, rice, grilled vegetables (onions, peppers, eggplant, and zucchini), a small green salad, avocado, plantains, and a serving of cheese.Coconut flan for dessert, minus a bite 😉Then we hit the ATVs!

The gang and our guide Marco.  When he told us he learned most of his English from watching old Seinfeld episodes, I wasn’t surprised. His sense of humor had Seinfeld written all over it, but it definitely made me like him more…he was also pretty cute.As if the day hadn’t been amazing thus far, we hit the hot springs for a little sauna/sweat action and mud bathing for fun?! smooth skin? or whatever!Volcano in the background.  Unfortunately we never had the opportunity to get close to one 😦Then it was time to head back to the condo and say good bye to the horses. Can’t forget the cows, goodbye cows.When we got back to Coco we headed for dinner-we all ordered fish.  I had the catch of the day, a blackened sea bass with mango chutney on top.  After dinner we went back to the condo for a glass or so of wine and then crashed to get ready for our early wake up call the next day.I miss vacation!