Taking a break from vacation recap, gotta drag it out a bit more, further, I think I’ve gone too long without mention of my beloved Monkeys!!

Let’s also take a moment to talk about this week’s workouts, so far…

Sunday-insanity and bodyrock

Monday-insanity, chest-weights

Tuesday-insanity, weight rest

Wednesday- cardio recovery, back/shoulders-weights

Thursday-core fusion barre class, insanity and biceps/triceps-weights


Friday-spin, legs-weights

Saturday-Physique 57 and some form of cardio

After taking last week basically off from my normal level of activity and slacking on weights the week prior my muscles were burning during my strength sessions.  I had no problem getting back into the cardio, my endurance is pretty solid at this point (talking anything up to an hour, more than that I would need to train) but strength, wow am I taking a beating. Thankfully I’m there mentally and have been able to push through, but it’s not easy.  Here’s to pushing harder because I love a good challenge 🙂