Hey Bloggies,

After a fun but sleepless weekend my head was a bit fuzzy this Monday morning, and the dreary weather isn’t helping a bit!! Thankfully coffee is helping! And as yucky as the weather may be, I’m glad it’s during the week and didn’t spoil a beautiful weekend and, knock on wood, looks like it won’t spoil the weekend to come 🙂

This past weekend, well backing up to Thursday night really, was full of chatter with new and old friends, happy hours, subsequent greasy food-which included my first friend pickle:

and lots of dancing!  Friday night I headed to Brooklyn to meet up with my friend Susan to catch up and eat dinner at her place.  We then walked over to the Bell House for 90’s night, which was a blast to say the least.  I mean drunken hipsters singing along to the Spice Girls, who could ask for more?

What are some of your favorites from the 90s?  I’m wishing I requested some LFO “Summertime girls,” or Will Smith, or Heavy D, oh so many! I’m going back next month with my list ready. The funny thing is what I remember the most from the 90s was definitely late 90s, so it’s easy to start blending in early 2000s.

Len-Steal My Sunshine, favorite memory of this video is the pregnant lady dancing around with her exposed baby bump.

No Doubt-Spider Webs

After a late night in Brooklyn I somehow made it to an 8am Physique 57 class, and without caffeine!  I made it through the class but afterwards I seemed off so I basically ran over to Argo’s tea and inaudibly ordered a vanilla chai tea, thankfully they understood enough and quickly made my drink.  As I sipped on my tea and began to recover, I headed over to Whole Foods to get groceries for the week.

Then it was home to shower, walk the pup, and back out to meet Ena, who was in town for a few days, and Crissy for brunch at Fig and Olive.

After brunch Crissy and I said our goodbyes to Ena, and then we headed downtown for the 6th annual Dance Parade where we met up with another NYU friend. The parade was a celebration of dance as an expression of art and included 65 different forms of dance.

After the parade we wandered through NYU territory down to SoHo, and then eventually made our way back to Tompkins Sq park where the parade ended and various groups put on performances on the main stage.

As the temperature began to drop we headed to dinner at Yuca Bar. I ordered the guacamole with crab (going through avocado withdraw after having some nearly everyday in Costa Rica) with a side of grilled vegetables.

Then, because we didn’t have our fill of dancing for the day we headed to Meat Packing and danced the night away, well for me that was until my feet couldn’t take the heels I was wearing 🙂

Catch ya later,


Actually one more 90s song, need a little R&B love because that’s really what I grew up with 🙂

Aaliyah-“Are you that somebody” I loved this song and remember spending a summer trying to master the video’s choreography.  My sister who was just a baby when the song came out would get the biggest smile on her face when the song played in the car, thanks to the baby laughter in the background of the song.