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Last post on Costa Rica 😦

Our last few days in Costa Rica were just as great as the first few but with a little less scheduled activity.  On Thursday we went on a tour of the National Park by way of river. On the drive to the dock our guides were kind enough to point out local vegetation including a cashew fruit. I didn’t even know such things existed!!


Once on our river boat we kept our eyes open for wildlife.  There were lots of iguanas, and birds, but we got really excited over the monkeys :). During my first few days in Costa Rica we came across mostly Howler monkeys, those things are loud!  I actually thought they were just barking dogs the first time I heard them, but was soon told differently.  However, on the river tour we came across White Faced monkeys.

One friendly group of monkeys even made there way onto our boat, though I wasn’t having that and stayed at the opposite end of the boat.  I mean hello germs, eww.

I did however, have fun feeding a huge crocodile.  Not sure why I had no fear about the crocodile.  I mean he could have decided that my arm would be tastier and more filling than the little chicken leg I had to offer, but I took my chances all the same.

After the tour we grabbed lunch and then headed back to Coco beach. Most of the tours were full day events so were excited to still have the afternoon to lay on the beach and swim.

We laid out, ordered a few fruity beverages, played cards, and swam in the waters beyond the sunset.  It was a great night!

On Friday, our last full day, we rented a golf cart and made our way to another beach,Hermosa, that was about 8 miles away. Ryan and Sherika snorkeled in this area and had much better luck than at Coco beach.

Friday night Ryan, Valerie, and I went to Lizard Lounge back in Coco for a night of dancing.  A fun and sweaty way to the end a great vacation!

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